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Thousand Trails

Resort located in Multi Destination, Multi Destination.

Timeshare Ad # 8424

Thousand Trails Timeshares

Resort Information

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Founded in 1969, Thousand Trails, Inc. is one of the largest and most successful private camping clubs in the country. We own and operate more than 50 membership-based campgrounds, the result of having combined three strong systems Thousand Trails, NACO, and Leisure Time. With more than 30 years of experience in family camping, we are committed to providing the highest quality private camping ... clean, safe, affordable and fun. Our properties are known as "preserves," because we protect nature and beauty of the environment for our members' enjoyment. Today, Thousand Trails offers a premium outdoors destination to more than 112,000 (as of June 2002) members at preserves in 16 states and British Columbia, Canada.

Owner Information

Contact Name: B. Burke
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Any Bedroom, Any Bathroom (Sleeps Any )
Unit Type: Red (Week is Float , Unit is Deluxe )
Usage: Every Year , Lifetime Membership
Exchange With CPG
Maint. Fees & Taxes: $549.00
Selling Price: $2,500 Neg

2006 MAINTENANCE FEES ARE PAID!! VISIT WWW.THOUSANDTRAILS.COM FOR MORE INFO! Lifetime membership is for Thousand Trails, Naco & Leisure Time Resorts!! We are different than most campgrounds. How? Why are we better? We're private. That means our preserves are kept just for members, and their guests. In a way our campgrounds belong to our members, so we work hard for them to create a terrific camping experience. We've built the kind of campgrounds that our members want with plenty of resort-style amenities. Members rave about the pools, hiking trails, lodges, lakes, basketball and tennis courts, laundry facilities and more. Some campers may come just for a fun weekend with their families, while others may camp for weeks, touring the country enjoying our hospitality from coast to coast. Our members have full access to all of the premium amenities each time they stay with us.

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