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I understand you don't believe this is possible; after all you did sign the contract.
HOWEVER, this page will PROVE to you that:

1) In most cases, timeshare contracts signed at the resort, during a timeshare tour are illegal, due to the lies, misinformation or the sales staff misleading you, the owner.

2) Because of this fraud, timeshare resorts DO release the owners from their ownerships AND actually, in some cases, refund money those owners paid the resort.

How Can I Cancel A Signed Timeshare Contract ?

Great question. Know that in most cases, a signed contract can not just be cancelled because one party doesn't like the contract. But we are talking about a timeshare contract and we know that most timeshare resorts committed fraud during the sales process.

Who else knows this? Who else believes that resorts commit fraud?

Click To WatchWell, just READ what Attorney General Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania has done about timeshare fraud. Corbett brought complaints against Blue Green Resorts, that alleged use of deceptive "contests", misleading sales presentations and improper contracts in the marketing and sale of timeshare vacation packages.

Amazing isn't it? The fact that timeshare owners have complained enough about fraud and have finally received positive results that benefit them. There is legal precedent against timeshare resorts in all states.

So the answer to how can a timeshare contract can be cancelled is because of fraud.


In Contract Law... Fraud Invalidates A Signed Contract !

Okay, so I can cancel my contract, but I need the resort to agree to the cancellation as well. Right?

Yes. There is a process and work MUST be done to make the resort release you from your ownership. Even though timeshare resorts have huge legal departments and attorneys, they still committed fraud.

Like I said, there is a process to cancelling your timeshare contract. A list of items and steps that must be correctly completed with the knowledge of what works and what doesn't work.


The Point Of This Page, Was To Get You Out Of Your Timeshare

Let's do that now. We have started working with a consumer advocacy group who has cancelled 1,000s of timeshare resort contracts. Even owners who owed money, had mortgages or were not up-to-date with their fees.

Most timeshare owners who purchased during a timeshare presentation did so under fraudulant terms, which makes an illegal contract.

If you are SERIOUS about getting rid of your timeshare and being able to:

- Stop paying maintenance fees!

- Stop paying your timeshare mortgage!

- Ending your timeshare nightmare!

- And in some cases (NOT Part of Guarantee), getting a partial or full refund for monies paid to the resort!

Then Help Us, Help You!

This is the Timeshare Cancellation Service option that guarantees you to get out of your timeshare within 12 months OR your money back.

100% Money Back Guarantee if your timeshare is not cancelled in 12 months or less.

Money Recovery Services are included.

See more details on Cancelling Your Timeshare.


Let's Recap The Information On This Page

You probably didn't know that when you bought your timeshare during the "timeshare tour" that fraud was being committed. Most people don't. The resorts are great at making people BUY a very expensive vacation while on vacation.

As of lately, the law is finally catching up to the fraud being committed at the resorts and owners are getting some or all of their money back.

It all starts with ending your ownership.

We have given you evidence that legal precedent already exists against the timeshare resorts.

We can get you started with cancelling your timeshare today !

The rest is up to you.

Do you Want To End Your Timeshare Ownership?


If Yes, Then Choose To Cancel



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