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Our Sales Team Helps Owners
Buy, Rent And Sell Timeshares Safely!

Our timeshare company is proud to list the following accomplishments!

  • Over $20,774,953 Has Been Sold or Rented To Date!
  • Celebrating Our 17th Year Of Helping Timeshare Owners!
  • Our Clients have closed over 6000 Timeshare Resale and Rental Transactions!
  • Live Customer Service Chat Link On Each Advertisement!
  • Review Statistics Below To See Live Data on Current Sales & Closings!


We Are The ONLY Timeshare Resale Company
That Provides The Following Timeshare Resale Statistics



Our advertisers have 30 confirmed timeshare offers totaling $295,900 that are being worked on but not yet accepted, which means the buyer and seller are communicating about the offer details. If both parties agree on a price then they notify us that the offer was accepted.

Our advertisers have 54 timeshare resale offers totaling $439,500 that have been accepted, which means that the closing department has requested the deposit to be placed in escrow from the timeshare buyer and a legible copy of the deed from the timeshare seller.

Our advertisers have 53 timeshare resale's totaling $685,400 in closing with outside closing entities, which means the timeshare buyer has made the deposit and contracts have been or are in the process of being signed by both buyer and seller in addition to various items that are handled during the closing of a timeshare ownership.


Our advertisers have 2 timeshare rentals offers totaling $8,500 that are being worked on but not yet accepted, which means the owner and renter are communicating about the offer details. If both parties agree on a price and the rental has been confirmed to be available, each party will notify us that the rental offer was accepted.


Here is a break down by year of CONFIRMED by owner timeshare sales and rentals.

We Help Owners Sell and Rent Quickly

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M. Hamilton AD#21271 said,
"Excellent job! I liked that there are no surprise fee’s at the closing for the buyer or the seller. I would recommend you to others."

C. Fields, AD#24959 said,
"Thanks so much for your help in selling my timeshare. I tried two other companies but to no avail. I appreciate your professionalism & courtesy. It is wonderful not having to pay maintenance fees anymore."

J. Fonzi Ad#21088 said,
"I am very pleased with the service and
results I experienced. I plan to use them again and would definitely recommend them to
anyone in need of their services."

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2. TST does not invite potential customers to telephone it nor does it encourage such calls. It posts its phone number on its website and potential customers may make whatever use of that posting they desire.
3. TST does not offer any gifts, awards, prizes or communications to potential customers which represents its services and which invites a response by telephone which is then followed by a call from a salesperson.
4. TST does not invite a response by telephone in any written or oral notifications or advertisement directed to potential customers.
5. TST is a "for sale or rent by owner" advertising company.
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