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Shell Vacations Club in Multi Destination, Multi Destination
Week: Float
Beds: 2
Usage: Every Year
For Sale: $3,000 Neg


TimeShare & Vacation Services

We're a full service timeshare advertising company that provides aggressive marketing for buying, selling or renting a timeshare resort property. We affiliate with an A+ Rated, licensed and bonded closing company to provide both buyer and seller all the closing paper work, handle all details and make sure your closing transaction occurs in a simple, timely manner.

See our 25 Reasons to let us help you advertise to:

  • Sell your timeshare;
  • Rent your timeshare;
  • Find a timeshare vacation rental;
  • Find a timeshare to buy.

Our Platinum Ad (or sell my timeshare) comes with no closing cost and no commission for the buyer or seller.

When advertising and marketing your timeshare ownership, we use an extensive website network, consisting of the top internet websites, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. We also market with a pay per click advertising network.

When selling, buying or renting a timeshare with us, this is the Timeshare Ad agreement that we sign.

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