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Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
Week: Float
Beds: Studio
Usage: Every Year
For Sale: $12,500 Neg
For Rent: $1,895 Neg


TimeShare & Vacation Services

We're a full service timeshare advertising company that provides aggressive marketing for buying, selling or renting a timeshare resort property. Our independent real estate attorney provides all closing paper work, handles all details and makes sure your closing transaction occurs in a simple, timely manner.

See our 25 Reasons to let us help you advertise to:

  • Sell your timeshare;
  • Rent your timeshare;
  • Find a timeshare vacation rental;
  • Find a timeshare to buy.

Our Platinum Ad (or sell my timeshare) come with no closing cost and no commission for the buyer or seller.

When advertising and marketing your timeshare ownership, we use an extensive website network, consisting of the top internet websites, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. We also market with a pay per click advertising network.

When selling, buying or renting a timeshare with us, this is the Timeshare Ad agreement that we sign.

How Buying a Timeshare Works

Once an offer is made, it is forwarded to the seller for review. The seller may accept, decline or make a counter offer via email or negotiate directly with the buyer. Timeshare Sales Team is not involved in any negotiations for timeshare sales or rentals.

Once a price is agreed upon by the timeshare owner and the timeshare buyer, the attorney will request a copy of the owner’s deed to be faxed to us. From the buyer, a $500 Escrow deposit is made payable to Timeshare Sales Team Escrow Account which is applied toward the purchase price of the timeshare. The Escrow deposit is payable by money order or check only.

When the closing attorney has both, the deed and the escrow deposit, a file is created to start the timeshare closing process. Closings take six to eight weeks on average. The attorney prepares an estoppel letter to verify that all fees have been paid and the deed is ready for transfer to the new owner.

Our independent real estate attorney handles all closings. These services include the
following - attorney supervised preparation of a contract (if appropriate), deed or other transfer documents, and closing statement, obtaining and analyzing an estoppel (account status) report from the resort, obtaining a waiver of the resort’s first right of refusal, if applicable, escrow service, preparing transfer tax forms, recording or properly filing the instrument(s) of transfer (usually a deed), notifying the resort of the closing, releasing escrowed funds to seller, resort, mortgage holder, et cetera, and filing an IRS 1099-S property sale report.

Once the paperwork has been completed and the sale proceeds collected, the owner is paid and the buyer receives the recorded deed.

How Renting a Timeshare Works

Once an offer is verified we will forward it to the owner. The owner may accept, decline or make a counter offer.

After the owner and renter agree upon a price and the dates are available at the resort, a lease agreement is provided to the owner and renter by the attorney. The lease will detail the names of the owners and renters, the resort, dates and accommodation details. The lease will be emailed or faxed to both owner and renter for them to fill out, sign and return to us.

Then the owner will make a reservation based upon the information in the lease and provides the renter with a confirmation number. The renter will need to pay in full by an electronic check or money order payable to Timeshare Sales Team Escrow Account. When all is confirmed, the attorney releases the confirmation information to the renter and the rental proceeds to the owner.

Please understand that no reservation should be considered confirmed until payment is made and a confirmation number has been verified with the resort.

When advertising your timeshare property with us, we have this agreement to explain the details of our timeshare services.

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