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How To Cancel A Timeshare And The Mortgage?

By identifying areas of misrepresentation and assisting timeshare owners with resources that are available to legitimately cancel their timeshare contract, TS Sales Team is making positive changes in the timeshare industry.

If you have purchased within the past 10 years and feel you have been lied to or coerced into purchasing a timeshare or vacation club/ownership, please let us know.

Help Stop Timeshare Resort Fraud!

  • Eliminate All Timeshare Fees And Mortgage Debt
  • Resort Salesmen Lie and Mislead, So You Will Buy
  • In Some Cases, Owners Get Money Back From The Resort
  • Over 97% Success Rate
We Are The Pioneers Of The Industry!
  • Over 3,000 Successful Cancellations
  • Cancellations Done In-house
  • Past Clients Consist Of Judges, Attorneys & Small Business Owners
  • 100% FREE Assessment of Your Case

If the timeshare owner is a Timeshare Resort Fraud Victim, we can help! This list below outlines the top reasons for timeshare fraud, timeshare scams and timeshare sales misrepresentations. These items will enable us to help you cancel your timeshare. Click here to see timeshare cancel reasons.

  1. Investment

    Being told that the timeshare purchase will increase in value, sell at a greater price, or due to

    location it is worth more than other locations.

  2. Rental / Resale

    Any mention or promise that the owner will be able to sell their timeshare for a profit, that the

    timeshare company will buy it back, or being able to rent their unit, points, or weeks to cover the

    cost of maintenance fees, mortgage, and any other costs.

  3. Maintenance Fees

    Any mention that they never go up or that they can be offset by renting. Owners must be given

    the opportunity to understand what maintenance fees are and that they do go up with time.

  4. False Sense of Urgency

    Any means possible to get owners to think that they must buy today, or they will not get the same

    deal, or they will never be able to tour again.

  5. Tour Length

    Timeshare tours are to last 90 minutes. When the tour length gets over 3 hours there may be


  6. Cancellation

    All owners must be afforded the right to fully understand their right to cancel. This rescission

    period must be shown, explained, and signed by all owners.

  7. Exchanges

    Owners must be given the opportunity to understand what an exchange is, how it works, and the

    fees associated with exchanges.

  8. False Meetings

    Any meeting other than a prescribed sales presentation is against timeshare regulations. Dinner

    parties, party weekends, owner’s updates, or any other name for a reason to get the owners to

    meet for a sales presentation.

  9. Tax Incentives

    Any mention of a timeshare or the trip being a tax break or incentive.

  10. Closing

    All documents that require a signature or an initial must have been fully explained by the closing

    agent or it's a violation of timeshare regulations. Many times this process will be rushed or

    hurried to get the owners out the door without asking questions.

This program is available for all timeshare resorts, vacation clubs or right to use ownerships, even for properties outside of the United States.


Find Out How Much Your Mortgage Is Costing You?

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Details To Cancel Your Timeshare

A vacation advocate will be personally assigned to each owner and they will contact the owner directly via telephone after signing up. A case file will be prepared which includes purchase contracts or agreements, an interview from the timeshare owner and an authorization letter among other things needed to cancel the timeshare contract.

The vacation advocate will consult and advise the client on direction and strategy to terminate the existing relationship with resort. They will also explain to the timeshare owner how the process works and when they might be able to stop making payments to the resort for the mortgage and or when the ownership will be canceled.

Upon timeshare cancellation, the now former timeshare owner will receive written confirmation.



Please read this thank you letter from one of the many satisfied timeshare mortgage cancellation clients.
I knew I had made a terrible decision on buying a timeshare, I reviewed all of the materials and none of it made sense, particularly on what the sales rep promised me. I felt I was lied to when he said I could have 2 weeks of vacation on such a small amount of points!?  You saved me over $13,000. Just in the nick of time.  Thanks for being there and helping me through a tough financial burden.
-Wendy St. J.
Thanks for being there with me every step of the way. You basically had to do a lot of hand holding but we did it. Another thing I wanted to get your business card or something to share my story with anyone who is going through this. Can you mail me some cards to hand out and to keep one for me just as a memory of what we did. If you have any to hand out that would be great. Thanks for all your help Don and we'll be in touch for the next few weeks till we finalize this process. I REALLY feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, thanks so much I just don't have words to express how thankful I am for all your help."

-Dorian P.



For more information, please don't hesitate to talk with TS Sales Team about this exclusive timeshare mortgage cancellation program. In 30 seconds, you can figure out what your timeshare mortgage is costing you by clicking here or register for a 100% free timeshare cancellation assessment by simply filling out this form below to get more information about how we can help you cancel your timeshare mortgage contract. No longer do you have to remain a victim to timeshare fraud and timeshare sales scams. Proven and Guaranteed timeshare relief is just one step away!

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