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Wyndham Sedona

Resort located in Sedona, Arizona.

Timeshare Ad # 14259

Wyndham Sedona Timeshares

Resort Information

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Wyndham Sedona is located in the heart of Oak Creek Canyon. You will be surrounded by breathtaking views of sculptured red rock, formed many years ago. This quaint town offers arts-and-crafts galleries, American-Indian art, jewelry, and plenty of restaurants. There are also Jeep tours, hiking, trout fishing, and hot-air balloon rides. Other area attractions are in Slide Rock Park, Red Rock State Park, and the Grand Canyon.

Owner Information

Contact Name: P. Murray
(click on name for more info)
2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom (Sleeps 6 )
Unit Type: Red (Week is Float , Unit is Deluxe )
Usage: Every Year , Deed
Exchange With RCI
Maint. Fees & Taxes: $1,200.00
Selling Price: $7,500 Neg

TWO WEEKS!!!! 308,000 POINTS PER YEAR!!!!CLICK LINK TO RESORT FOR OTHER LOCATIONS YOU CAN VACATION WITH THIS PURCHASE!!!!! Sedona is a gateway to the spectacular Red Rock Country of Arizona! Its magnificent and brilliant towering spires, pinnacles and mesas are a far cry from the flat desert sometimes associated with the area! Thanks to its 4,500-foot elevation, Sedona is also an ideal four-season resort with cool summers and mild winters! This small city is also known for its high-quality art galleries and shops, featuring the best authentic Native American crafts along with some of America's most unique contemporary art forms! To the north, spring-fed Oak Creek Canyon winds through richly forested canyon walls! To the west lie the mysteries of Boynton Canyon with its Red Mountains and strange wind-swept stone formations! For more information please visit www.fairfieldresorts.com!!

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