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Buy Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas Timeshare

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Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas TimesharesDisney's Animal Kingdom Villas TimesharesDisney's Animal Kingdom Villas Timeshares

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Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas

The Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas timeshare resort is located in Orlando , Florida . Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas feature intricate African-inspired details and home-like amenities, and most offer sweeping views of a savanna inhabited by a variety of African animals. The authentic artwork, imaginative architectural details, and Disney's world-class brand of storytelling make an immersive village experience unlike any other. These new accommodations are being developed in phases, with an anticipated completion in fall 2009. This resort also will have a new table-service restaurant, themed pool and water-play area, fitness center, sports and recreation facilities, and more.


If you are looking to buy a Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas time share, feel free to make an offer on the properties below.

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Timeshare Ad # 49896

Buy Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas Timeshare



Timeshare Property Information

2 Bed, 2 Bath (Sleeps 6-8 )
Unit Type: Lease With 41 Years Left , Deluxe - Red Season
Usage: Every Year (Week Float - Unit)
Exchange With RCI/II
Points: 210
Maint. Fees & Taxes: $1,400.00 Yearly
Selling Price: $25,500 Neg


Immerse yourself in the wonders of the wild, surrounded by colorful creatures as you explore Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas. Delight in African-inspired details while you relax in accommodations that capture the adventurous atmosphere of the wild. Feel at home in this village alive with the spirit of the savanna. Become a Disney Vacation Club Member today by purchasing a real estate interest in Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas and build a lifetime of vacation memories with your family or at any of the 500 other vacation destinations located in our World or around the world


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