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Krystal International Vacation Club Cancun Timeshare

Resort located in Cancun, Mexico.
Timeshare Ad # 48876

Krystal International Vacation Club Cancun Timeshares

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Resort Information

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Krystal International Vacation Club Cancun offers the specialized attention all vacationers desire. The resort is located in Punta Cancun Beach, next to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy the health club, tennis or racquetball courts aquatic activities, and the outdoor pool.

Owner Information

Contact Name: G. Herbst
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1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom (Sleeps 2-4)
Unit Type: Deluxe (Week is Float, Unit is Float)
Usage: Every Year, Lease With 20 Years Remaining
Exchange With RCI

Maint. Fees & Taxes: $800.00 Yearly
Selling Price: $5,000 Neg


Krystal Cancun invites you to take a well-deserved vacation and enjoy the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean in our renovated resort. The hotel is located in Punta Cancun, at the heart of activities and entertainment district. Enjoy all the attractions, comfort and services offered to you by Krystal Cancun. Krystal Cancun is located in the hotel area of Punta Cancun, the most favored spot by tourists. The Convention Center and all the best restaurants, shopping, leisure, nightlife, and amusement areas are all within a walking distance from the Krystal Hotel. The sports harbour, the marina and the golf courses are also close to the hotel.

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